First August Candidates for “Stupidest Thing of the Year” Announced

I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about the fact that there isn’t some type of weekly, monthly, or even yearly award to recognize stupidity.  Therefore, I’ve decided that I will start documenting some of the more noteworthy acts of stupidity each month, with the monthly winner becoming a finalist for recognition as “The Stupidest Thing from a Year Full of Stupidity.”

The first entries for the month of August are:

1. NASA’s ‘teacher in space,” Barbara Morgan, completed the first of three scheduled classroom lessons that were broadcast back to Earth from the space shuttle Endeavor this week.  Whether the lessons will have a significant impact on schoolchildren remains to be seen since NASA scheduled the broadcast of these lessons to happen when the vast majority of America’s school-age children are still on summer vacation.

2. The Atlanta Falcons football team will start the season without the services of multi-million dollar star quarterback Michael Vick, who is currently under federal indictment in Virginia on gambling and dog-fighting charges.  Since Vick violated the terms of his contract when he was busted by the cops, his inactivity is costing him about $1 million bucks per month. 

Since their previous seasons’ records prove that the Falcons couldn’t beat their own mothers without Vick at quarterback, the Falcons appear poised to become the first team in the history of the National Football League to post a 0-16 record before the start of the regular season.

3. New Mexico Governor and Democratic Party Presidential hopeful wanna-be Bill Richardson has been touring the state of Iowa touting his plans to end childhood poverty.  This seems inappropriate since he is currently the governor of a state that ranks just above Rwanda in the percentage of children living beneath the poverty level.

Use the “Comment” box below to vote for your choice.  As they used to say in Mayor Richard J. Daly’s Chicago: “Vote early and vote often!”


One Response to “First August Candidates for “Stupidest Thing of the Year” Announced”

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