Michael Vick Wins August “Stupidest Thing of the Year” Nomination

Soon to be former Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Michael Vick, by demonstrating that he can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, has come from behind to win the August nomination in the 2007 “Stupidest Thing of the Year’ competition.  Vick, who was felt to have effectively removed himself from competition by accepting a plea bargain, overcame a strong challenge from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to capture the title.

The story behind Vick’s come-from-behind effort to win this month’s competition could be used as an example of why a “never give up” attitude can still triumph, even late in the game.

Vick appeared to have borrowed the time-tested “I’ve turned my life over to Jesus” strategy from the playbook of perennial powerhouse Paris Hilton when he attempted to explain exactly how he planned to con the National Football League out of banning him from football until the beginning of Jimmy Carter’s second term.  Most observers, however, feel that the Jesus story has been used so many times that the NFL would only consider it if Jesus Himself were to appear before the league’s disciplinary committee to confirm Vick’s claim.

There has been no independent confirmation to the rumor that Vick’s agent has been engaged in securing a starring role for Vick in the rumored upcoming movie The Longest Yard, Part III.


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