Photographs Prove that Jed Clampett Killed JFK



Image 1: The original image of Jed Clampett that was later altered, with the head of Lee Harvey Oswald being placed over the head of Clampett.



Image 2: A newly discovered photo of the Kennedys arrival at Love Field showing a man thought to be CIA agent JETHRO (at right) disguised as a Secret Service agent. This proves a conspiracy since there are no FBI / Secret Service records that contain a picture of the man in the photo.


Image 3:  Photo taken seconds after the shots were fired showing several people rushing to the area of the grassy knoll to watch CIA agent ELLIE MAE dance naked.  Note the two women at right showing embarrassment over ELLIE MAE’s nude distraction.  Also note male child in foreground.  In the interest of those that might be offended by nudity, the nude ELLIE MAY has been edited out of this picture.




One Response to “Photographs Prove that Jed Clampett Killed JFK”

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