There’s Nothing Like the Taste of Homegrown Stupidity

As I’ve mentioned several other times one of the advantages to writing humor and satire is that I have an entire planet lined up outside my door waiting to give me material.  But sometimes I have to admit that there’s nothing like the homegrown variety of stupidity.  Allow me to demonstrate what I mean.

Let us first consider the antics of that barrel full of prehensile-tailed primates collectively known as the Mayor and City County Council, of Albuquerque, People’s Banana Republic of New Mexico.

Recently, Mayor Martin “Marty the Moron” Sanchez announced that it was his intention to ask that the City Council close down the municipal golf courses due to a shortfall of some $200,000 in revenues that were projected to be generated by those courses.  This seems a somewhat flimsy excuse in that:

1) The City Council recently voted to spend a few million to decorate city vehicles in order to “stress the rich cultural heritage of the city.”

Whenever the taxpayers’ money is to be spent “stressing the rich cultural heritage” of anything you can bet that it’s actually being spent as a reward to a handful of businesses that were the most financially-supportive of the incumbents.

Coincidentally, the golf courses in question lie within, or adjacent to, voting districts that went against Sanchez in the last city election

2) Marty and a few cronies took of to China for a week to “promote cultural and business ties” with that nation.  The price of Marty and his Band of Merry Men’s little joyride?  Allegedly, only $5,000.

Tried pricing a trip to China for 3 people lately?

3) The City Council, (at the request of Sanchez) recently voted to kill funding for a “reflecting pool” at the launch site of the International Balloon Fiesta, the City of Albuquerque’s premier tourist event.  This year’s visitors will be able to marvel at the wisdom of that decision while staring into a hole in the ground half the size of a football field.

4) This same august body is comprised of the same individuals that recently voted to spend $6 million on a deserted stretch of land that isn’t really near anything to provide a “landing site” for balloons.

I hate to tell the merry pranksters down at city hall this, but hot air balloons aren’t like airplanes.  Airplanes tend to take off and land at well-established locations (like airports).  On the other hand, hot air balloons tend to crash-land at whatever location is nearby when they start to run our pf LP fuel.  The council has yet to announce how they’re going to get around that little problem.

Fortunately for Marty and Friends, they’re only amateurs when compared to the  irresponsibility of Amigo Numero Uno, our Exalted (now part-time), Leader, Governor Bill Richardson.

First of all let me make it clear that I don’t like Bill Richardson.  I have many reasons for that dislike, but allow me to share a few of them.

Bill Richardson wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and bit him on his rather abundant posterior.

In 2006 Bill campaigned for re-election to office of Governor of New Mexico.  Part of his campaign was his promise that he “wasn’t running for President, just Governor.”  That promise, plus a Republican candidate that was hated by most Republicans, got Billy Boy his second term.

Bill started campaigning for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination as soon as his feet left the inaugural platform.

Bill Richardson, despite his “I’ll bring fiscal responsibility to Washington if I’m elected” hoopla, doesn’t have a very good record in that department.

In a front page, copyrighted story in last week’s Albuquerque Sunday Journal Richardson was quoted as saying that it might be necessary to raise the state’s gasoline tax and convert some highways into toll roads because of a 300 million dollar deficit in the Department of Transportation’s road and bridge maintenance budget.  This figure is eerily close to the amount of money that it will take to pay for one of the biggest boondoggles (even by New Mexico standards) in recent history: The Railrunner Express.

The Railrunner is one of the most ridiculous and expensive ideas (even by Richardson’s standards) to be cooked up.  The Railrunner is a “commuter” train that, in theory, will make it easier for people to travel between Albuquerque and points south to Santa Fe.  It is currently projected to incur “infrastructure” costs of “around” 300 million dollars.  I’m sure that is just coincidental.

Bill’s campaign workers don’t have to worry about Bill “shooting himself in the foot” simply because he can’t keep it out of his mouth.

As an example, consider his latest attack of foot in mouth disease consider this statement, reported by The Des Moines Register.

“Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary (state).”

I’ve tried hard, but I haven’t been able to find anything in the US Constitution that even mentions Iowa, much less assure its citizens that they should have a monopoly on being the first state to decide which candidate made less of a fool of himself than his rivals.

The above statement, which Richardson’s staff was quick to explain as “a joke” (how’s that for truth in politics), got Bill a little more attention than he wanted.

The “left-leaning” Daily Kos blog, which only last week had praised Richardson’s virtues, withdrew its support in no uncertain terms when founder Markos Moulitsas wrote that

“Richardson is is really becoming the buffoon of this campaign…I can’t believe I ever flirted with voting for this guy.  He’s now down in the Kucinich/Gravel territory on my list.”

My life is now complete, for I finally agree with something published on Daily Kos.


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