Titans of Stupidity: O.J. Simpson

As I’ve often said, there is stupidity and then there is stupidity of Biblical proportions.  As an example of the latter I offer, for your consideration, the actions of O.J. Simpson.

Here is a man who, over the past 12 years, has:

  1. Been charged with two counts of murder and, even though there was more evidence against him than there was against Lee Harvey Oswald, beat the charges and walked free.
  2. After losing a civil rights lawsuit brought by the families of his alleged victims declared bankruptcy.
  3. Although he had declared himself bankrupt, traveled all over the country to play golf and generally enjoy life.
  4. Wrote a book about the above-mentioned murder entitled If I Did It. The book was withdrawn after it caused a storm of public outrage.
  5. Allegedly stormed into a Las Vegas hotel room with 4 or 5 other men, two of which were armed with pistols, and removed sports memorabilia items that he claimed were his.

Let us examine the above actions in more detail.

As to item 1, no one has ever explained how blood stains from the two alleged victims was on found on Simpson’s driveway and on his clothes.  Since the crime scene was several miles away it is unlikely that the victims, after receiving multiple stab wounds, walked over to Simpson’s home in order to leave bloodstains and a pair of blood-soaked gloves that the LA Police Department would later use to “frame” him.

In a civil trial Simpson was declared to have “violated the civil rights” of the victims.  After the jury in that case awarded the victims’ families multi-millions of dollars in damages, Simpson declared bankruptcy.

Despite supposedly having no financial assets, Simpson continued to live quite comfortably in both California and in Florida.  Thanks to legal maneuvering and sidesteps, Simpson’s property was protected from seizure related to the damages previously awarded in the civil rights case.

In a move that was probably due to an over-inflated ego and colossal stupidity, Simpson wrote a book entitled If I Did It in which he provided a detailed “hypothetical” account of the above-mentioned murders (including details that were not introduced into evidence during either the murder or the civil rights trials). 

Even though the book’s publisher withdrew it from the market after a tsunami of public outrage, the victim’s families had the book reissued under a new title: I Did It.  Simpson will not share in the royalties generated by the book.

And now let us review the grand finale.

Simpson, and four or five others, allegedly forced their way into a Las Vegas, NV hotel room to recover items that Simpson claimed were his personal property. Since (again according to news reports) two of these men were brandishing pistols, a minor dispute over property mushroomed into a potential armed robbery felony rap.

And finally, Simpson’s alleged foray into armed robbery had the misfortune to occur on what had been a slow news day for both the Fox News Channel as well as CNN.  The resulting news coverage, in contrast to the jury at Simpson’s murder trial, took less than an hour to find Simpson guilty of stupidity with criminal intent.

If stupidity was a capital offense O.J. Simpson would have been drawn and quartered years ago.


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