About “Case Studies in Stupidity”

Your humble correspondent, Wayne McDonald, has released another blog upon an unsuspecting public. “Case Studies in Stupidity” will be where I will rant and rave against the perils of the world’s deadliest known disease: human stupidity!

If you are a misguided idealist that believes man to be a noble creature that tirelessly strives to improve himself as well as the fortunes of his fellow man, you might as well click the “Back” button now because you won’t find any of that New Age, social consciousness, politically correct, Save the Planet psychobabble on this blog.

For the more intellectually and psychologically balanced readers, please continue.  And come back often, because stupidity seems to be increasing faster than I can write about it.

On a more serious note, drop by my blog, NeuralPathways, where I write about brain injury and related news from the worlds of clinical medicine and medical research.


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